Stream audio/video from your iPhone to your Original AppleTV using AirPlay

So as it turns out, it can be done. One can now stream native apps’ audio (and video, where applicable) using AirPlay to one’s original flavoured (/old/vintage/first generation) AppleTV from one’s iPhone using a little hack brought to you by the loverly chaps over at RemoteHD.

You will need:

  • An iPhone (doesn’t need to be jailbroken)
  • An old-flavoured AppleTV (does need to be jailbroken)

Firstly, take your jailbroken AppleTV, and SSH into it, using the client of your choice – I’m partial to good ol’ Terminal, so all we’ll need to do is tap in the following lines one by one to access, and download and install the package we need.

ssh frontrow@appletv.local
Password: frontrow
scp RemoteHelper.tar
tar xvf RemoteHelper.tar

All you’ll need to do after that is grab a copy of RemoteHD from the App Store for the low, low price of £2.99 (bargain for just this functionality if you ask me, and it comes with some cool remote stuff, VNC funkiness, and a whole lot of other goodness, too), install, and search for and connect to your AppleTV from the app. This will ‘activate’ the package you downloaded on the AppleTV, and allow it to be found as an AirPlay device on your network.

Boom. You can now stream Spotify from your iPhone to your AppleTV.