Vendor Prefixes, the short solution.

  • Developers: Carry on doing your job properly. If you’re using experimental features, prefix them, if the browser vendors have bothered to implement that feature.
  • Browser Vendors: Carry on doing your job properly. If you want developers to make websites look pretty in your browser, work to give them vendor prefixes for experimental features, and shout about them, so everyone knows you’re awesome. When the specs are finalised, implement them.
  • W3C: Carry on doing your job properly. Look at all the lovely new things people are using, and work to finalise them so browsers can ditch the prefixes, and developers don’t have to worry.

Was that so hard? Any questions? Are we all good? Good.

An Open Letter to Apple

One of the first things people would probably say to describe me, if you’re fortunate enough not to have met me, is that I’m a massive Apple nerd. I’d buy anything if it’s got an Apple logo on, around, or somehow related to it. Ever since I bought my first 12″ 800Mhz iBook G4 some time back in around 2003, I’ve been absolutely and completely hooked.

Many don’t understand Apple fanboys. The unquestioning appreciation of everything the company does, the ability to just gloss over little hiccups, and antennagates, and remain faithful no matter what. Today, my confidence in the products of the company I probably held the greatest respect for out of any company, has – to try not to be too dramatic about it – taken an absolutely colossal hit.

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Stream audio/video from your iPhone to your Original AppleTV using AirPlay

So as it turns out, it can be done. One can now stream native apps’ audio (and video, where applicable) using AirPlay to one’s original flavoured (/old/vintage/first generation) AppleTV from one’s iPhone using a little hack brought to you by the loverly chaps over at RemoteHD.

You will need:

  • An iPhone (doesn’t need to be jailbroken)
  • An old-flavoured AppleTV (does need to be jailbroken)

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I pinned a blogs on my interwebz.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m forcing myself to write my first blog post on I think it’s getting the first one done that’s actually stopping me writing useful things, being so afraid that putting my thoughts down somewhere they can be read (and consequently criticised and argued with into submission) means that I’d better make damn sure the first one’s a good one. But now the boss man is asking me to start writing for Boagworld, so I can’t help but feel I should be writing on here as well, even if I already just want to re-do the template again.

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