Dan Sheerman, Front-end Web Developer / Designer

Having always been torn between design and development, Dan’s thus far settled somewhere in the middle, occasionally jumping between the two. Notable likes include coffee (preferably intravenously), semantic markup, and proper grammar.

When he’s not busy talking about himself in the third-person, Dan is a social recluse who hides away from the general population in his flat in Southampton, but can often be found in Winchester, where he is leader of all things technical at (translation: is a HTML-monkey and general minion for) Headscape. He used to work for the mobile network O2, and was once described as being like House, but for technology which rather amused him, but not quite enough to stay and be abused in retail for the rest of his life. He used to freelance under the alias (the website for which is old and horrible, so don’t go looking at it) sheer-design. Some would describe him as a bit of a nerd (he probably would as well), and he’s ‘one of those’ who’ll probably be persuaded to buy anything shiny, and/or with an Apple logo.


The attention of Dan – or his ego – is normally best accquired by hurling heavy objects in his general direction. So go on, throwthings@sheerman.co.uk

He’s also on the Twitters, where he frequently spouts 140 character portions of utter rubbish.

If you so desire, you can also find him on Last.fm (where he listens mostly to house music), Facebook (where he stringently screens photos of himself uploaded by friends), Flickr (where he used to take photos regularly, but doesn’t now because his DSLR is kaput), and a disturbing number of other potentially useless social networking sites. Don’t add him on LinkedIn, he has an unexplainable hate for it, and will probably never take you seriously if you do.