I pinned a blogs on my interwebz.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m forcing myself to write my first blog post on sheerman.co.uk. I think it’s getting the first one done that’s actually stopping me writing useful things, being so afraid that putting my thoughts down somewhere they can be read (and consequently criticised and argued with into submission) means that I’d better make damn sure the first one’s a good one. But now the boss man is asking me to start writing for Boagworld, so I can’t help but feel I should be writing on here as well, even if I already just want to re-do the template again.

So screw it. Here’s a post just to kick things off. It means nothing but to break the silence, and the (somewhat weird, I agree) psychological barrier of getting the first one done. If you’ve read this pointless post, I apologise, the next one will be interesting. As compensation for your (this time) misplaced attention, here’s an adorable kitten.